John Olsen

Supporting others discovering, defining and fulfiling their purpose in life is my passion! Leadership to me is serving on another. The success of others is my blessing and share within His Kingdom. Our prayer: Lord Here we are, send us! Our motto: Live to Inspire!

Shakila Olsen

I love the positive things in life. My passion is to hold on to the good and let go of negativity, and to inspire others with it. Life is what I do, for myself, for my family but especially for what the Lord requires of me!

John and Shakila

In His Service

Our Story

Mission Statement

Amplifying the power of people

It’s our passion to reach out to those God sends us to help transform, discover and define their calling in life by investing in long-term relationships empowered by the love of Christ. In doing so, building a passionate community of sons and daughters, ready to be sent out and walk the journey in life accomplishing their part within the fulfilled commission of Christ. We believe that every soul deserves to live a liberated life and is equally entitled to experience the joy of creations’ wealth. The actual quality of life starts with breaking old mindsets and the renewing of the mind! – not just adopting a new lifestyle – but experiencing the transformation power and living a purpose-driven life. It’s never too late to transform your life!


Having a professional background in Business Administration, Politics, Law, Psychology and Theology I encountered  our society from it’s different angles and it’s core fundamentals. Being active within these modern days pillars of our society I discovered the mayor keys in live defining and achieving succes in live, unlocking the full potential of live!

My life’s passion and mission is empowering a smarter and more caring purpose driven society by helping you discovering, defining and accomplishing your purpose in live.

Get focussed on gratitude and growth so we can live healthier, wealthier, more fulfilling, passionate and purposeful lives – and so we can help others do the same. Whether that means achieving in business, reigniting your relationship or discovering who you really are, Todays’ virtual live events, one-on-one coaching and training systems will help close the gap between where you are and where you are desalinated to be.

Leiderschap met de bestemming volbracht!

A new book from John Olsen

Discover, define and unlock the exceptional leader in You. Unlock your full potential in life! Get the focus on gratitude and growth so you can live a healthier, wealthier, more fulfilling, passionate, and purpose-driven life – and so help others do the same. Close the gap between where you are and where you ought to be fulfilling your calling in life.

Leven in het Vuur van God!

Dit inspirerend levensverhaal laat zien dat God kleine beginnetjes kan laten uitgroeien tot iets heel groots – ook in uw leven! ‘Leven in het vuur van God’ verteld het inspirerend levensverhaal van evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, die het levende evangelie aan miljoenen mensen heeft verkondigd en die, in zijn eigen woorden, onder het nulpunt begonnen is. Dit boek zal u inspireren en uitdagen, door de vele getuigenissen van God’s wonderbare werken in de levens van heel gewone alle daagse mensen.

The success of others is our blessing. Our prayer:Lord Here we are, send us! Our motto: Live to Inspire,Our declaration: ‘The best is yet to come’.

John & Shakila Olsen